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DCI Cinema AT Home

What is DCI Home Cinema?

Digital Cinema Initiatives or DCI standards are the rules that apply to the playback of DCP files—the files used in commercial cinema. A DCI Home Cinema complies with these standards, meaning it can play precisely the same content used in commercial cinemas.

DCI Projectors

Cinema At Home - Ultimate Big Screen Experience
We work with Barco, the number one supplier of commercial DCI projection systems by volume. Barco DCI projectors for home cinema deliver superb images on screens up to 15m wide and with support for all aspect ratios and install scenarios.


Cinema At Home - Without the Projection Booth
We work with Leyard, a Leading Pioneer in Audio Visual Solutions. Leyard recently became the world's first DCI-certified Micro LED product. This has led to SRND Group bringing this DCI Micro LED technology to the High end Luxury living market.

DCI Content

Cinema At Home - Watch the latest films and events
We will soon proudly be offering residential customers comprehensive DCI movie and event cinema content. With simple sign-up, online content ordering, and concierge support, we have removed the barriers to clients enjoying the best possible content format in their home cinemas.

DCI Cinema FAQs

Some frequently asked questions regarding DCI Cinema at Home

Do I need the space to fit a very large DCI projector?

No - we offer a range of solutions to create a "microbooth" for the projector that minimises floor space. With the introduction of DCI Micro LED solutions the space required becomes even less of a concern.

Can I watch the latest Movies?

As well as the highest possible quality DCI also is a requirements from the film studios to be able to play back the latest cinema releases. Just having a DCI compliant system however hasn’t historically been enough to be able to access the latest blockbuster movies. Getting these movies has only been possible through the Bel Air Cinema Circuit – notoriously difficult to join even for well-connected clients. shortly we will be releasing a service to bring cinema releases to your Cinema At Home.

We want to create a screening room can you help us with a DCI system?

Smaller Screening rooms tend to be from around 15-50 seats and actually fall into the same category luxury living residential cinema. As such we are experts in this size and style of room and would welcome discussing your screening room project further.

DCI System Packages

SRND Group offer comprehensive solution support covering all aspects of audio processing and speakers, technical room design, lighting and interiors.
Our team have helped our partners deliver DCI Solutions worldwide and understand precisely what experience clients expect at the highest level of home cinema performance. Our solutions ensure the best possible results and are more straightforward and price-efficient than any other design approach. SRND Group can supply engineering and products as a complete turn-key package, or we can consult to ensure alternative approaches are compatible with our display and content solutions.

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