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10MOOC Fabric Track

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1″, Square Edge, Outside Corner, Top Load

The depth of the 10MOOC is 1″, and the profile has a square edge. Fabric is tucked into the track at the outside edge of an outside corner. The fabric can be stretched over this track at an outside corner to create a “seamless” look, or two fabrics can be tucked into the track to transition from one fabric to another. Edge wrapping of fabric is not required.

FabricWall’s Track System is unique because it does not have welted perimeters. Without covering an extra side of track with fabric, the FabricWall system can be installed faster, is easier to replace or change fabrics, and gives an overall cleaner look.

Specifications and Drawings

10MOOC Fabric Track Datasheet

Track Length 1520mm [5 Feet]


Delivery time

2 weeks

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