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Matrix Tile 5x5 Elite RGBW

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250mm x 250 mm matrix tile - 12v RGBW SPI LED with 50mm Pixel Pitch

Key Features:

• High Brightness
• RGBW for best colour mixing
• Single Pixel for point or matrix infill
• Cut-out on PCB for acoustic transparency
• WAGO push-in wiring terminals
• Backup data line for reliability
• 12v power

The Matrix Tile 5x5 Elite RGBW SPI Pixel LED is primarily designed for backlighting behind a diffusing material. The Matrix tile can be deployed in any project requiring a wide-pitch LED matrix.

The Matrix Tiles have a high light output along with
RGBW capability for wide colour rendering and the best possible white presentation. Each tile has 3 RGBW LEDs arranged into clusters of 3, each giving a single pixel. The PCB tile is finished in white to maximise light output. The Matrix tile also features
a backup data line. If an LED driver chip fails on the board, the control data will be passed onto the next in the chain, ensuring that the rest of the installation will continue to operate flawlessly. The Matrix Tile is powered by 12V to minimise voltage drop issues and minimise the requirement for heavy-duty power cables to be used. Wiring is easy with the WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMP™ connector, which ensures reliability and ease of installation. The tile also features 2, 4mm mounting holes.


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