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Dynamic 4 - 4-Way Masking Screen

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On wall projector screen with 4-way motorised masking

The DT Dynamic-4 is an on wall projector screen featuring 4-way motorised masking, Mask Position Logic based control and Whispertec motor technology.


  • Motorised Variable Masking – 1.33 to 2.40:1
  • Mask Position Logic – Preset free mask position selection
  • RS232 and IP control as standard
  • Front image surface fitting – fit the frame to the wall then install the image surface
  • Whispertec quiet motors

The Dynamic-4 supports 4-way motorised masking, allowing perfect framing of all aspect ratios in the range of 1.33 to 2.40:1. This variable width and variable height masking maximise the impact of all types of content.

The Mask Position Logic (MPL) system is a proprietary development of DT Screens. It enables the Dynamic-4 to calculate the exact location where the masks should be positioned to create any requested aspect ratio in the supported range. With MPL, setting mask presets is no longer required. The proprietary Whispertec motor system runs at just 30dB, making the Dynamic-4 the quietest masking screen.

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