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Motorised Mirror Drop

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DT Motorised Mirror Drop: In-Ceiling Projector Mount with Motorised Mirror System

The DT Motorised Mirror Drop is a sophisticated in-ceiling projector mount solution meticulously designed to incorporate a dual high-performance optical mirror system. This product is specifically tailored for scenarios where there's a preference to maintain an aesthetic appeal by concealing the projector within the ceiling. The motorised mirror drop mechanism is activated only when the projector is operational.

Technical Features and Advantages:

  1. Concealed Projector Mounting: Offers a discreet solution by hiding the projector within the ceiling.
  2. Elimination of Overhead Mounting: Reduces the visual obstruction commonly associated with overhead projector mounts.
  3. Noise Reduction: Minimizes direct overhead projection noise, enhancing the auditory experience.
  4. Enhanced Projection Distance: Allows the image to be projected from a more distant position within a room, providing flexibility in room layout and design.

Custom Projector Interface: Benefiting from DT mounts' in-house fabrication capabilities, this interface ensures that the projector can be seamlessly and accurately affixed directly to the Motorised Mirror Drop right out of the packaging.

Two-Part System Design: The foundational frame can be set up during the initial phase of the project and, if necessary, can be integrated with plasterwork. The mirror module, which houses the entire lift mechanism and control systems, is designed for effortless fitting using designated location slots. This ensures a smooth final installation and commissioning process.

Advanced Control Mechanism: The DT mounts Actuator Position Logic (APL) is incorporated, facilitating the precise setting of open and closed positions. This feature allows for effortless recall through various means, such as a 12v trigger, IR, IP, or RS232.

Note: Projector not included.

Specifications and Drawings

Overall weight = 40kg [88.18lbs]

Projector Specification:

  • Weight (inc. lens) Up to 50kg
  • Maximum fixing hole spacing
  • 440mm wide x 453mm - M8 Max
  • Minimum throw 1.4:1

Delivery time

6 Weeks

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