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Projector Port Hole Small (Single Glazed)

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Single-glazed projector porthole with a small aperture


DT Port Hole Glass-S is a single-glazed projector porthole featuring high-performance dual anti-reflection coated glass and RAL colour finish options.


  • Sound Isolation
  • Optical Glazing for 98% light transmission
  • Easy front flange fixing
  • RAL Finish Options


Port Hole Glass-S features a single sheet of high-performance optical glass which has been anti-reflective coated on both faces to deliver light transmission of over 98% across Rec2020 wavelengths without impacting colour or contrast.

The PHG-S is a sealed unit which is screwed into an opening and designed for smaller projectors with fixed lenses. This  PHG-S can be easily fixed into fabric or wood panelling.

PHG-S is supplied as standard in a black paint finish but can be specified in specific RAL colours to enable the best possible match with the room decor.


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